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Whittlesea is a semi-rural town situated 37km south of Queenstown in the Hewu district of the Eastern Cape province in South Africa. It is comprised of 36 traditional villages and the townships of Ekuphumleni, Bhede, Extension 4, Extension 5 and Sada.


Known for its authentic Xhosa hospitality and the traditional arts and crafts created by the community, the town is a popular tourist attraction in the region.


Around 93% of the community speak isiXhosa and the vibrant Xhosa culture and heritage is embedded in the community.

Skilled artists and crafters produce astounding art - from hand-woven baskets and intricate mats to beautiful woodwork and vibrant traditional Xhosa beaded jewellery – including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and traditional neck collars in vivid colours.


The tradition of beautiful and intricate face painting with white or yellow ochre dots, known as umchokozo, also plays a big role in Xhosa culture and is celebrated with stippled raised dots on the labels of Mayime Winery’s flagship Inkosi wines.



Physical Address of the Farm:
Mayime Winery, Whittlesea, Eastern Cape.

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Tel +27 42 296 0818  | Mobile: +27 82 452 9893


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